Morbi eget rutrum


An orientation program was held on 15 June 2019, for the newly admitted students of I P.U.C .The Chief Guest of the day was Rev.Fr.Binu Edathumparambil, MSFS.

Fr.Binu received his doctorate in Family Therapy from Saint Louis University. He is an author and psychotherapist and also worked as a clinician, hospital chaplain,

associate pastor and faculty member in the seminary.

The aim of the program was to give some insights to the students on how to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Fr.Binu engaged the crowd with some groups exercises and gave some helpful points.

1. We are more than what we or others think us to be.

2. Maintain family relationships.

3. Always live in the present.

4. Face your challenges and do not be afraid.

5. Use social media responsibly.

6. Trust in God.

All these points, when inculcated in the daily lives of students,  will help them carve their paths in the direction they please and help parents to guide their children.