Swargarani School is located at the foothills of a scenic, idyllic sylvan surrounding. The serene atmosphere is conducive for students. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, students enjoy a peaceful environment with a big playground, scenic gardens and a beautiful church


In order to develop team spirit co-operation and friendly rivalry, the school is divided into four houses -  Sathya, Shanthi, Jyothi and Spoorthy. All activities including sports, games and other curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted on an interhouse basis and at the end of the year the position of the houses based on the aggregate points secured in the competitions are announced.

We believe that creativity in human beings is dormant. The potential in every child must be realized and nurtured and it the duty of the school to do so. We offer co-curricular activities like Dance, Instrumental Music (Guitar, Tabla, Keyboard), Karate, Yoga and art and craft (including rangoli, pot painting, drawing etc). The school encourages participation of students in more than one programme.

The school also encourages students to become a global citizen and leaves no stone unturned in social service. Service towards humanity plays a significant role in character building at Swargarani. In the world of ever changing ideas and ethics, we aim at striking a healthy balance between the traditional and progressive. Our students contribute largely to charity work that helps us adopt a government school nearby. Students donate old clothes, books, toys and money. School authorities cherish the memories of the countless smiles that are seen during festive days that our students and we share with the underprivileged children. Students make frequent visits to many local institutions to offer voluntary service. They collect funds from within the school for various relief organizations.

Student Government

First ever in Swargarani history going beyond the conventional methods, we retained the spirit of the democracy unleashing internet's potential of the internet to sustain green practices. 

Events and celebrations

The school organizes one inter-school festival as well as an intra-school event. The school conducts Talent’s Day, a competition aimed at recognizing student talents.
The competition includes a host of activities like solo songs, dances – folk and classical, monoacting, fancy dress etc.
A language skills festival at for secondary school students and quiz competition that include a test of numbers and mind games. Intra-school events such as the Sports Day, with its drills and march-past, the Annual Day, with dramas, songs, dances and orchestra by all students of the school are a treat to everybody. In addition, each year the School organizes a Graduation Day programme to bid adieu to the matriculating and PUC II students.