Principal's Desk

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire". William Butler  Yeats

Swargarani embodies the very essence of its Motto "Lead kindly Light".

Education at Swargarani goes beyond the letters in the page of a text books, and students emerge as confident young individuals, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We live in a global society which means that now , more than ever , awareness is the key. Students need to develop a broader understanding of the world. This means helping your students understand global issues, such as environmental awareness, economic, financial and business awareness. We can also help them grasp the importance of health and wellness awareness. Ofcourse, content knowledge is imperative, but students also need to develop their personal skills, such as leadership, adaptability and self- direction.By working with our students we can nurture the development of 21st century skills that will help them succeed in school and in life. 

The development of the school over the past few years has been significant. As the instructional leaders, we focus on discovering developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lying dormant inside all of its students. From academics to co- curricular activities, perseverance and a continuous spirit are entrenched in the heart of every student not only making them good students but brilliant human beings. 

Our excellent results at the ICSE and PU Board examinations bear testimony to the excellence of the teaching staff who create a challenging and stimulating learning environment. This helps our students get a good grounding for their future education.Consequently, their undergraduate college placements are impressive.

Last but not the least, I expect all my young Ranians to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them transcending mediocrity and procrastination.We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. You are encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our exciting academic and co- curricular activities. Once again thank you for your support, and  together we will continue will produce champion scholars at Swargarani school.


Warm regards.

Sr Tania SVM.


Vice Principal Message

Dear Parents and Students,

Heartiest greetings to you all.

I am extremely honoured and privileged to be appointed as the Vice- Principal of this prestigious institution. I am wholeheartedly indebted to the Management of the Sisters of the Visitation Congregation for their trust and faith in me.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” said Jonathan Swift. It is with this vision that Swargarani School and P.U College started its journey with the untiring efforts of the Sisters of the Visitation Congregation. The driving force behind the stupendous growth of the school is the dedicated and capable team of educators with the unstinting support of the management.

Education is a formative process where schools and teachers in particular, have a great role to play in this ever- changing, fast paced, technological world. It has become imperative to instill human values in children and to prepare them to face life as it comes. Swargarani School has been providing an outstanding education in character building, academics, leadership and extracurricular activities. With a rewarding history of achievement in education we move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.    

As we step into our 22nd year of service to the community, we look back at our formative years and the achievements of our students make our hearts brim with pride and happiness. Our repertoire of achievements is innumerable. We can humbly say that we have helped shape and mould the lives of   children who have studied, learned and played here. Our students have been highly successful in their chosen careers and are now working in different parts of the globe.

I take this opportunity to address all the ex – students of Swargarani. We remember you and love you. I’m sure you too look back at your Alma Mater with pride. Do keep in touch. Very soon we will be celebrating our Jubilee Year. Let us meet at the Alumni gatherings and reminiscence our joyful days.

To the present young Ranians, remember, a passion to succeed leads the path to success. If we believe in ourselves, set goals, persevere with a positive attitude and have faith in God, we will surely achieve our dreams and aspirations.

As I embark upon a new journey, I am filled with optimism and excitement as the future unfolds before me, and I look forward to your cooperation and support. 

With best wishes to all,

Namita Kirankumar