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Vaishnavi's Journey at Swargarani

My journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant

Every journey starts with a small step. Today I am a Chartered Accountant. I will be forever grateful to my Alma Mater, Swargarani that has made this possible. I have been a part of the Ranian family for 12 years. It has been an amazing, memorable and a beautiful journey. Swargarani has instilled in me the values of discipline, obedience and honesty. When I topped the 10th ICSE board exams, I was elated as my teachers had supported and encouraged me at all times. Hence, Swargarani PU College was my choice to join for PUC. 
I feel it is the best decision I have made as I continued to get the same support, guidance and motivation from all the teachers. This time I got the 5th rank in Karnataka 2nd PU Exams, topping the class with 98.33%. Chartered Accountancy is one of the professional courses in the Commerce stream. It is considered to be quite challenging as the profession demands expertise knowledge. It was my father who told me about this course. I was determined to take up this course from my high school days. It was a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. At one point, where I could not clear my exams, I was very disappointed and thought of giving up. But Sujatha ma’am motivated me to give another try and today I am a Chartered Accountant. I am really thankful for her support and encouragement. I could achieve this milestone only because of the guidance, motivation and blessings of my parents, Principals and teachers. Today I am working in a reputed MNC and the accolades and compliments I get for being so articulate, disciplined and organised makes me extremely grateful to my Alma Mater.

Vaishnavi V 


Atmaja's Journey

11 Years of Journey….

I joined Swargarani in 2nd std, in the year 2010 and graduated from there after my 2nd PUC. Currently I'm pursuing my undergraduation in commerce stream.

I was studying in  state syllabus  till 1st Standard. It was a great turning point my life joining an ICSE school. The syllabus, text books, writing, studies were quite different and tough. My first teacher in Swargarani School was Mrs Krishnaveni. She helped me a lot in coping with everything.

Entering into such a big campus was difficult for a pure introvert child like me. I would search the way to my class in the beginning days. The first time I ever participated in an event was in 3rd Std for the Annual Day function. It was a starting point for me to participate in many kinds of events and sports.

 In 9th Std I was given the biggest opportunity to participate in a dance drama by Sowmya Rao Mam  and Sushma Mam for the Annual Day program  - “Karunada Vaibhava”. I played the lead role of Onake Obavva. It was truly an amazing experience of working with the juniors and seniors.

For me, the most awaited days in Swargarani was Christmas. This celebration was the best from decorating classes, bringing gifts, exchanging our gifts, our secret Santa, those yummy plum cakes , colour dresses etc. This would be a day  of fun and happiness after finishing our last 2nd UT paper which mostly would be moral Science or GK. We would eagerly wait for Santa to come to our classes, give chocolates to us followed by cake cutting and dancing. The excitement would be the same each year.

Sujatha GL Mam, Sujatha Menon Mam, Hema Mam , Namitha Mam, Meenakshi Mam, Deepika Mam and all my dear teachers thank you so much for your love, support and guidance.

To all my dearmates who were a part of my Swargarani journey, thank you  so much for creating such unforgettable, beautiful memories to cherish our school life.

At last, I would conclude that there are so many ups and downs in a student’s life. Overcome them and make yourself strong. Enjoy your school life by creating  the best memories in your precious days with your loved ones in school and college.

I can proudly say that I am a Ranian with so many memories and loved ones.

Thank You, 
Atmaja B.S


Mrs Sarika

I am Sarika, a parent of Greeshma Mathew studying in 9th grade.
There are many schools in our surroundings but Swargarani School is a very well known ICSE educational institution for its excellent coaching and academic excellence. 
I always wanted my child to study in Swargarani School and this is one of the best schools where nothing but your intelligence can take you through the entrance exams.
I was elated when my daughter got admission here. The most satisfying part is that my child understands what is taught by the teachers. Infact, she does not attend any kind of extra tuitions so all her results are the efforts of the teaching by her beloved teachers.
The extra curricular activities  such as debate, quiz, dance, song, music and sports helps my child to be something beyond just textbooks. The council elections  conducted by the school also helped the political knowledge of my child.
It is a great honour for me to be a part of Swargarani and contribute to their blog page.
I thank the school management for making it possible for my daughter such a disciplined, and well knowledgeable child.
- Sarika Raje Urs


Happy Teachers' Day

My Journey as a teacher in Swargarani

Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments said by Rose Kennedy. Only these moments keep us going. One is blessed if she has a wonderful working place and a supporting family. Fortunately I have the both.
Hailing from a remote town of Tamilnadu, I never dreamt that I would serve as a teacher here at Swargarani. Though I have chosen my career by chance, I have realized that God’s plan is always the best. I began my career in teaching at the age of 19. I started my practicum at St. Joseph’s Convent where I had completed my schooling too. It was extremely exciting that finally I learnt the craft I was so passionate about.
The only way to touch the hearts of children is connecting students with professional knowledge. Today, if I am able to cater to the needs of children and impart the best knowledge it is because of the great teacher Mr. G.S Subramaniam, who taught me grammar in its simplest form.
I entered the portals of Swargarani in 2012 as a Social Studies teacher, but the thirst and love for my subject pushed me to request Sr. Anjana to switch over to English. This phase enhanced my confidence and I started believing in my abilities as a teacher. Being a Ranian I learnt to be punctual and professional. The association with children made me to realise that teaching is not just a job, it is the responsibility to transform the life of children.
When I look back now, I can proudly say that I have been nurtured and groomed to face the challenges and pursue my dream with great zeal and determination. I never used to look at things with a ray of hope but the essence of positive thinking that I gained here helped me to overcome the struggles of my life with a positive attitude.
This great institution not only sculptured me as a confident human being but also bestowed me the best people to be a part of my life, who have shouldered my burden and stood by me during the difficult and dark days of my life. The long eleven years of my journey in Swargarani has provided me impeccable experiences to carry out my commitment diligently. I am indebted to this great institution personally and professionally. When I turn back to look at the path I have travelled through in my career, I love the journey I have made with wonderful moments.


Ranian Experience

Moving in to a new School at the beginning of your high school life can never be easy, I am glad that my life took that path.  I joined Swargarani School in the 8th Std. Before that I had studied in a same school from preschool to 7th std which was a comfort zone till then. Having to move in to a totally new atmosphere was a real challenge in my life. So, I say early challenges are always a learning curve in one’s life. 
Why is Swargarani School and Pre-University College very special to me? Well, there is no one particular reason for it.  
The days I spent over there as a student was most cherished part of my life. Every day was a learning experience, not just academics but an all-rounded learning experience. 
Swargarani not only helped me in acquiring academical knowledge, it also helped me more to nurture my life skills. Swargarani as a school, inculcated the human values and tried in grooming me into a better individual. I am thankful to teaching and non-teaching faculty who have guided me and moulded me towards becoming a better individual from where ever I was then.   
I have never felt a gap for lack in communication between the teachers and students. The voice of students were heard by every faculty member. School has encouraged me to achieve my other interests like sports, cultural activities etc., and definitely helped me to do my best in everything I did. So, with academics too. This institute prepared me well and all rounded me for the real life.
On completing 5 precious years at Swargarani, it was  a very critical and crucial stage of life wherein you are sent to face the real life. Though I had had some bit of ups and downs of my life, from every incident and event I could come out of it successfully and efficiently. 
According to me, Swargarani school and college is not just a place for academic’s orientation alone. Here the student’s overall personality evolves by exposing him / her to various extra-curricular activities.   It is a place to count on for the overall growth of a student. No words to express the nurturing ability of teachers and which reminds me of the olden days gurukul.  
The culture of unity and togetherness was inculcated in us throughout. The fun and frolic moments are the most lovable moments of my life. 
I have cried, I have laughed, I have troubled my teachers. Today at the beginning stage of my independent life and career, the life skills what has been learnt as a student is helping me to sail through the tough waves of real-life situations. I can proudly say my strong roots at Swargarani and the faith in my alma mater will make me face the world with courage and confidence. I am truly blessed and privileged to be a proud "Ranian".

Akash Hegde


Subhag's School days

It was 6.30 in the evening and I had just finished a meeting and was sipping a hot cup of coffee when I received a call. The dialler showed me Hema Ma’am, it was my Hindi teacher. I picked up the call and after the usual pleasantries, she told me, Subhag, the school is turning 25 years old this year. Can you write a small article and share with me about your time at school? Initially hesitant, I could not say No to her. I agreed. After the call I was reminiscing my school days. I know that everyone who is reading this article now is probably remembering their school days. 

1st June 2000, my brother, I and my best friend Ravi, it was our first day at Swargarani School. Ravi and I joined 2nd standard and my brother joined LKG. A completely new environment for us but I remember seeing Sr Immaculate the current Manager, my first teacher at Swargarani welcoming us. Such is her aura that she could put to ease any student with her love and affection. At the same time, she was known to be firm and strict when it comes to discipline. 

I spent 10 years at the school from 2nd standard to my 12th standard. Over the course of years, I was blessed to have learnt from so many teachers. My first class teacher Lalitha ma’am who taught us as a teacher but cared for us like a grandmother ended up becoming more than a teacher to all of us. Sometimes when I look back at that time, I wish I was a kid again. 

I have seen the school grow from classes being conducted in building which doubled as a convent for the sisters to having a separate building for PU students alone by the time I left. When I recently visited the school, I was taken aback by the tremendous development the school has undergone with two new buildings, smart boards. Today, I see students enjoying their time at the campus. 

I owe a lot to the school for it has played a big role in making me who I am today. Many a times, I remember, I myself and many others have complained about how strict the school is, but today when I look back, I thank all the sisters and teachers for being so strict. The school and it’s teachers teaches us to be empathetic, to be charitable and I remember going and spend time with students from govt schools and many other underprivileged children. I believe that it teaches us to give back to the society, to look at people and understand them better and their conditions. In this world of solitude and loneliness, it teaches us to be each other’s’ companions to make the world a better place to live in. In my corporate circle I am know for my discipline, punctuality, ethics, and I believe that all of these were inculcated to me at Swargarani. 

Congratulations to Swargarani school and PU college on completing 25 glorious years. I wish it many more years of success, growth and good luck. I hope that I get to attend the 50 years Golden Jubilee as well. 



Memories at Swargarani by Bhavana

                            -Bhavana.Muralidhar B.A., LL.B., LL.M

I was fortunate to have pursued my collegiate education in a prestigious institution like Swargarani. 
When I walked through the open gates of Swargrani PU College, as a young tenth graduate, I was both nervous and excited. The Swargarani family very quickly embraced me as their own and thus began a memorable journey together!
My everyday commute to college was not an easy one, as I had to change two buses and lug around a heavy bag, which was partly heavy because of the books and mostly because of the lunch boxes I carried around. The long walk down ‘double road’ (as it is famously called by the student community) was made bearable, thanks to the company of my friends who have been associated with Swargarani since their kindergarten days. They would reminisce about their school days and each day I would hear anecdotes on how enjoyable their foster years at Swargarani were. Every time my friends spoke about their teachers in Swargarani, their eyes would shine with admiration. Years later, one of my friends confided in me, that she pursued engineering only because of a teacher, who had made her fall helplessly in love with coding! 
That’s when I realized that Swargarani was shaping the lives of many students, by instilling in them a sense of vision and the vigour to pursue great goals!

Thanks to Swargarani, I met the most delightful bunch of classmates who have gone on to pursue great feat. Most importantly, I made friends for life. The institution always instilled in us students the spirit of being a ‘family’ and we were all collectively and fondly addressed as ‘Ranians’. 
The various co and extra-curricular activities organized by the school was instrumental in helping us explore and grow our talents. It was in Swargarani that my resolve to pursue law for a profession, was strengthened. I bagged the prizes in debate and speech competitions and was constantly encouraged by the faculty and staff at Swargarani to pursue my interest in the legal studies. 
Swargarani gave us students the liberty to be carefree and at the same time instilled in us a sense of responsibility to take charge of our lives.

 I miss the long corridors, the science exhibitions, the merry banter during lunch breaks, the euphoric sports day and the cheerful Christmas celebrations at Swargarani. I miss juggling between classes and the enthusiastic discussion we had with the faculty in classes. Little did we know, and I’m sure my batchmates reading this will concur, that the days we spent as ‘Ranians’ were the best days of our lives. Many of my classmates went on to become doctors, engineers and other professionals. While on most days we are holed up in office cubicles, busy in work, we all secretly long for that one bell to call us to lunch, that one announcement to call us to prayer and mostly importantly, we long for someone to say ‘students, see you in class tomorrow.’ 

Thank you, Swargarani, for memories to cherish for a lifetime! 


Always and forever a Ranian.

“Education is about empowerment, about cultivating a human being to the highest possible potential”. 
I can say with immense pride that at Swargarani,not only I graduated with a certificate but also being the best possible version of myself .My journey at Swargarani in one word would be ‘Enduring’. The amount of opportunities this institution has provided me with is numerous. The sole reason I have self confidence today is because of the Talent’s day and many other events that they organized. The teachers used to motivate me to participate in as many events as possible. I still remember having my hands full because I had to balance between studies and cultural programmes. It is due to that I realized my ability to multitask and that confidence is intact till date. Amidst all the life lessons taught at school, there was a large amount of fun too. 
 The excursions, Christmas parties, feast days and much more are still fresh memories in my mind. Like they say school days are golden. I always wanted more than just academics , I wanted to add value to each and every aspect of my life and Swargarani was the best I could get where academic and extra curricular activities was perfectly balanced. 

  Getting into professional courses is a major transition in the life of a student. After being in the same institution for 17 years , going out was scary . It was only then that I realized  I was prepared to the best possible extent to face the world in those 17 years. At present being a part of various NGOs ,I’m living my dream of serving the society and the start to all of this has been Swargarani. The values and skills inculcated during schooling by various teachers to me is the reason I am moving forward towards my dreams. All I can do to give back to this institution is to be a good human being.

  No amount of words can describe my entire 17 years journey here. The only thing constant is change, as cliché as this may sound, life is all about moving forward but the values learnt from swargarani  will be with me forever.

Always and forever a Ranian.

Mythili S


Swathi's Jounery

My journey in Swargarani…
“Swargarani” is not just a name anymore, it’s an emotion. We’ve learnt from “how to stand in a queue” to “science and technology”. I’ve been in that school from pre-nursery to 10th std. It’s been a wonderful and joyous journey filled with laughter, fights, tears, friendship, games, competition and what not.
Teachers or guides or mentors what do I call them. They were there to teach us the huge syllabus, to lift us when we were down, to guide us when we were confused and to praise us even in our small achievements. They were our friends too.
I still remember every single exhibition, annual sports day and annual day that my school organized in my 13 years of journey. These were the most awaited days of the year. Our school band played the most melodious tunes of our national song and the prayer songs. Students participated with enthusiasm and parents looked at them with pride and enjoyed every bit of the program. I’m thankful to the school management for arranging such beautiful events.
I miss those days of march past and flag hoist. Those were the days when we learnt to look up at our national flag with pride and patriotism.
“Friends”. I got to know the meaning of this word from my school. We were there for each other in our ups and down. I was lucky to be selected as the house vice-captain and the sports vice-captain the following year. I learnt a lot from this responsibility and I am really thankful to all my teachers and our principal who gave me this opportunity.
What I learnt from this school will be with me my whole life. Swargarani school not only taught me the subjects but also the lessons of life. I’m really grateful to the teachers and the school for making my 1st 13 years of educational life an amazing one.
Thank you.
Swathi B M


Golden Journey by Amrutha P. U


"Swargarani" - this 10 letter proper noun fills my heart and
soul with immense nostalgia. I became a Ranian when I was warmly
welcomed by Mrs. Satyavathi Ma'am, my UKG class teacher and
our former dynamic principal, Sr. Thomsin.
As our school motto goes "Lead Kindly Light", Swargarani
takes care of all the Ranians through every single step. I am very
blessed to have had teachers who built optimistic and leadership
quantities in me right from primary school. To construct any
building, its foundation is very important and has to be strong. In
the same way, it is due to the contribution, guidance and blessings of
all my teachers and principals that I am this person today! Be it a
quiz competition or sports or science exhibition or any cultural event,
my teachers have always encouraged me to participate and motivated
me to give my best.
Although we are in the middle of a pandemic for over a year
now, I proudly say that Swargarani has made sure that we do not
miss anything in the academic year. We had everything - tests,
exams, assignments, quiz, Teachers' Day, Children's Day,
Christmas celebration, etc. Most of all, it was amazing to begin the
"Silver Jubilee Celebration" of our school in this academic year only.
The teachers have been taking care of each one of us like our
mother. Swargarani's aura is so welcoming that even if any teacher
had resigned, they still give calls to us and shower their love and
affection. All these 13 years seem to have flown in a jiffy. From the
classrooms to the corridors, from the auditorium to the playground,
from the office to the church, from the labs to the library, from the
Interact Club to the staffrooms, each and every place has a
memorable story in my journey. Every nook and corner of the campus
surrounded by heavenly lush greenery, feels like nature's home where I
can stay all my life. All Ranians are truly lucky to be in the lap of
nature. As our school's name goes, I experience "Swarga" as soon as
I enter the campus!!
I am immensely grateful to all my teachers who tolerated our
naughtiness, forgave our nasty pranks and gave us priceless
knowledge. All the teachers and principals have motivated me
throughout my golden journey. Discipline, dedication, honesty, loving
and caring are few of the many jewels which I have imbibed as a
Ranian. To be truthful, "Thank You" to Swargarani Family is just
like a small star in the Milky Way Galaxy!!

                                                                                    - Amrutha.P.U


My Experience by Sanjana Mahesh

My Experience
Moments come and go but it is in our hands to make it memorable and one such moment in everyone’s life is school and I am glad to have experienced a memorable time at Swargarani.
I still remember my first day at school. I was this shy, nervous kid who was very new to the place and the environment. But it was my teachers who made me feel comfortable. From making friends to having petty fights, it was Swargarani that etched these memories forever. I clearly remember how excited we were to celebrate Christmas. From decorating our classrooms to playing secret Santa, we would indulge ourselves so much in preparing for Christmas that we would forget about the Unit tests scheduled in that month.
I can never forget the sports days we had. Even the closest pals would turn against each other just to see their home teams winning the ‘Team of The Year’. The slogans we used to scream under the scorching sun would lower our energy but never our enthusiasm. But the icing on the cake was our teachers who would come to cheer with us.
Picnics were the best part of our school. The excitement would be visible on the faces of students’ weeks before the actual D-Day. From showcasing talents during the talents day to gossiping in the library, from bunking classes during Annual day to quizzing and debating, from being scolded by the security guard for plucking the juicy mangoes and beautiful flowers from the garden to distributing chocolates during birthdays, from showcasing our projects during the science fest to having fun in the funfair, from students enacting as teachers on teacher’s day to teachers making students’ day memorable, Swargarani has given me a lifetime of fun-filled memories.
Swargarani was where I learned leadership skills. I learned how to face the challenges thrown in the outside world. Teachers always encouraged us to be brave and also helped us choose the right path with their valuable guidance. Their experience encouraged me to face the world and helped me choose the right path. I am happy that Swargarani made us socially responsible citizens by organizing moral science classes and making us donate to charity every Tuesday. 
It's been a long journey of 10 years which passed in a blink of an eye. It's been 4 years since I graduated and not a single day passes without at least one moment rushing down my memory lane. No amount of thank you would be enough to express my gratitude. I will forever be indebted to Swargarani for what I am today. It's not in everybody’s fortune to enjoy school life and I am happy to have had a memorable one.

Sanjana Mahesh
Student of 2nd year in B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering from PES University (RR campus), Bangalore, India.
Graduated from Swargarani in 2018


Home away from home

A school is a home away from home where we discover ourselves and are guided onto the right path. 
Joining Swargarani impacted my life in a positive manner and shaped me to become a responsible adult. It not only gave me knowledge but also taught me how to apply the knowledge appropriately. The school has a mix of academic and co curricular activities which further enhanced my all round personality development. Swargarani also inculcated humanitarian values in me by getting us involved in charity and NGOs at a very young age. Such endeavours helped me realise how important it is to contribute to society.
The dedication and effort put in by the teachers, all the times they went an extra mile to make classes more interesting and easier to understand inspired me and also made my school days more memorable. All the picnics and trips organised by the school will probably be some of my best memories.
Of course, this write up would be incomplete without talking about all the friends I made on the way who made everyday better.
The beautiful gardens, the mango trees, the church, the playground, the serene greenery around the campus, fighting for lunch spots, running out during the PE period, walking with friends on the corridors during short breaks, reading novels during classes, mimicking the teachers, wearing saree for teachers day, not giving a damn about the exams going on and decorating the class for Christmas, bunking classes in the name of annual day practice and many many more will forever be etched in the depths of my heart.
With the passing of the years...
When time has cast it’s purple haze...
The memories that we will treasure...
Will be of long gone, old school days...
Dr. Sana Raj

Mrs Jayashree Kulur

                                A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step By Lao Tzu

My journey as a teaching faculty in Swargarani started in the year 2005 as soon as I shifted my residence to Rajarajeshwari Nagar. I still remember the first day I went to Swargarani, crossing mud roads and under thick green foliage, I entered into an ambient atmosphere surrounded by a church on one side, a convent on the other and the school in the center. It was as though I was in a location right in the Wordsworthian Era.
The welcome that I received from Sr.Thomsin the then Principal of Swargarani was incredible. The moments spent with her are truly nostalgic. Her positive attitude, guidance and the faith she showed in her teachers made me what I am today. I learnt some of the most valuable lessons of life from her. My fondest times were when we would go on picnics together.
The important lessons of life like time management, discipline, not being judgmental and not being prejudiced were enhanced in Swargarani, along with responsibilities that come with being a teacher, it also gave me the satisfaction on a daily basis as teaching always keeps you around young children which gives us a chance to think more creatively.
A student spends most of his time in the company of his teachers and during these times we have to don many roles as mentors, counsellors, guides and sometimes play the role of the parents, according to the situation. This role play brought out many of my inherent qualities and gave me great satisfaction. Being around young enquiring minds with high energy levels, I always had to be a step ahead, a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. Every corner of this institution has memories of those lovely moments spent with my loving students who later actually became a part of my family.
Being a teacher is in itself a matter of pride and self-motivation. It takes a lot of patience and courage to go ahead, most rewarding is when you see your students attaining success in educational status and career in their homeland as well as abroad.
People judge their success with money but for me it is the satisfaction of fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to me as a teacher. Thus, I go forth on this journey with cherishing memories of all the people who have been a part of my life. It has been the most arduous but a rewarding journey.
Swargarani is in its silver jubilee year. I wish the institute and the management a great success for all their endeavours. May the light of Swargarani shine for years to come.
I’m proud that I am a Swargaranian. I take this opportunity to thank my dear Principal Sr Tania and the most able Manager Sr Immaculate for guiding my journey in Swargarani.

Jayashree Kulur,
HOD (English Department)




Welcome to the official Swargarani Alumni. This is to bring together all Ranians, to converse and relish the good ol’ school days!
Swargarani is celebrating its 25th year anniversary in 2021 and the occasion surely calls for all its students to come together and be a part of the celebration. Let’s connect, talk, plan events and more for this!

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Jai Karnataka Mathe

To view this month's blog  from Mr. Vijay  Kumar (Kannada lecturer) click on the link below.

Jai Karnataka Mathe


Nostalgic Experience by alumni

Mohammed Humdaan

 II PU Science (Integrated) 2018-19

My time in Swargarani has always been one of the most treasured and cherished memories. Swargarani, located just beside the Shakthi hills, is in direct touch of nature. Surrounded by trees of mango, pine, spruce, teak and gulmohar, the peace, tranquility, splendour of the school and its surroundings are supernal. The fog filled playground on chilly winter mornings and the tender rays of sun make the atmosphere of the school just delightful.

I started my journey in Swargarani as a young teenager in 6th grade. I was fairly impressed. The dynamics of other schools were vastly different from mine; everything from language to the way we dressed and for some reason it made me more comfortable with myself.

Aspects of the school changed me for the better. I had a lot of short comings, I still remember how ignorant I was during my school days. I was a shy and timid boy afraid of public speaking. But I soon got bolder, once I was chosen the House Captain. We were forced to give presentations in the class to enhance our speaking skills. We were made to attend lectures and seminars to improve learning techniques and increase our morale. My teachers ensured that I was a good human before they made me an intelligent student. They amplified good qualities in me and taught me good will. It changed my outlook on life. I learned, cooperated, got myself motivated and groomed under the best company of my teachers.

We eagerly waited for Wednesdays as our multi- talented teachers hosted cultural activities like Karate, Yoga, Dance, Music etc. Annual day, Sports meet and the Science fair were alternated every year. We looked up to December for the joyous Christmas celebrations and long holidays. From gutting down cockroaches in the Bio lab to playing with acids in the Chemistry lab, and whispering in the library; the journey was fun filled. Tuitions weren’t necessary because of the remedial classes.

However, some schools have such infrastructure and events but what sets Swargarani apart is the vivacious and high-spirited teachers. What stands behind the glory of the majestic school is the spirit of the teachers and the polite non-teaching staff. The teachers provided emotional and moral support and we could approach them for any matter. The principal and the management were supportive too.

It is only after I graduated from Swargarani that I truly understand how Swargarani had changed me, disciplined me and trained me for the professional world. This experience showed me the extent a relationship with your classmates and your teachers can go. ‘The corridors which were once filled with happiness are now filled with nostalgia'.


Down Memory Lane (2008-2020) - Jean Andrew


My remarkable journey in Swargarani School began in the year 2008, when we moved to Bangalore. The beautiful sylvan surroundings of the school first caught my attention when our family moved into the neighbourhood.
It was indeed a privilege to meet Sr.Thomsin, the Principal of Swargarani School. Seeing my credentials and experience, she appointed me as an English teacher. I was doing my M.Phil in English when I joined, and sister encouraged me to complete my studies and motivated me. Thus, it was smooth sailing into Swargarani family.
During my tenure in Swargarani School I had the privilege of working under the able leadership of Sr. Thomsin, Sr.Anjana, Sr.Anne and Sr.Tanya, who I remember with great regard and love. Sisters always appreciate dedication and hardwork. Having imbibed these values from my parents, it heped me a lot in my career as a teacher.
Teaching has been my passion and God enabled me to serve in this institution for His glory.
The Swargarani management played a crucial role in the well-being of the staff members. Sr.Lucy was a real mother to us all. Her smiling saintly face was an inspiration to all of us. I recall Sr.Anna as a prayerful mentor and Sister Immaculate as a dynamic versatile genius.
Teaching is a noble profession but challenging too. The quiet time in the prayer hall gave us the strength to face challenges. I enjoyed teaching Shakespeare’s plays whose characters come to life when students enact it in class. Being a part of the school choir was a great blessing.
English Department has a unique place in school. There were moments of happiness and tough challenges too. Staff picnics and Christmas celebrations are etched in my memory.
I fondly remember the management, Principal, my dear colleagues, and my beloved students who are entwined in my life. As the school grew in leaps and bounds, I missed the intimacy of Swargarani family. Change is the only permanent thing in life. As the saying goes - the old gives way to the new, and I felt it was time for me to retire.
My best wishes and prayers are always with you as you celebrate twenty-five years of excellence. I wish to conclude with a note written by my student.
‘A teacher should have a special place.
In every child’s heart
You are a very special teacher.
And to me you are number one’
If I have influenced a child in my tenure of nine years in Swargarani my mission is accomplished.


My journey at Swargarani.

Memories have been a part and parcel of my life, much like everyone else. One of the best memories I have is of my days at Swargarani. The very first memory from school is when I was 5 years old sitting in a cabin with the principal on the other side of the desk interviewing me for my admission. The warm welcome that I received that day is something I'll cherish forever. 
No one could be as supportive as my teachers, nor could anyone have been a better guide. I've had a few teachers who have believed in me more than I did myself. They made school more homely and made sure nothing distracted me from being myself. My teachers have been more than just helpful; they encouraged me to do better in all my exams, they patiently helped me out with all my doubts, and most importantly they never gave up on me. If it weren't for their help, support, and confidence in me, I wouldn't have been the person I am today.
I've made a lot of friends in the last 12 years, and over time, managed to have my group of best friends with whom I spent a lot of time. Enjoying with my classmates during breaks and in between classes, having lunch and catching up with friends from different sections, playing table tennis and basketball, reading comics in the library, are just some of the amazing memories I have with my friends. Every event at school brought a smile to all our faces because it meant having a lot of fun. No matter what the event was, all of us surely had a great time. 
Swargarani has been my second home where I've spent the most wonderful, enthusiastic and, fun-filled 12 years of my life. It has been a marvelous and memorable journey. "Thank you" doesn't justify how grateful I am to everyone at Swargarani who've made my journey the incredible one it is. 

Aastha Singh


Swargarani School - 11th Year of ...

Swargarani School - 11th  Year of  Growing together ....During Pandemic too...

We entrusted our child to Swargarani School in 2011.  Now he is in 9th std.  It was a long journey for us. Reflections are definitely satisfying and gratifying. The school emphasizes   discipline as the soul of education, which the management never compromises. Simultaneously,  we realize that they are proactive and sensitive to the genuine concerns of the parents. Bring any problems/ concerns to the principal; there is a professional solution with human approach. Be it academic, psychological, personal, or even economic issues impacting the student, there is a pro student approach from the school.  Providing emotional support to them in all the areas is critical.  We parents and teachers have equal roll in the area.

We are now in a different world due to pandemic, that has turned our comfortable world upside –down. Schools have re-examined their priorities. It is challenging to make the school relevant in the times  of virtual or distance learning.  The past year has brought many issues which are threatening our hopes for a peaceful world. It is real tough and had work, trying in to stay afloat in this crises. The education sector is facing serious issues and would surface more in the coming long time bubble due to uncertainties.
It is imperative to support together to help our children to overcome the physical and emotional challenges . The parents community and teaching fraternity have to move together hand in hand to eliminate the present and future barriers in education process. 

In the present dismal scenario , the Swargarani School Management is a role model in terms of supporting / sustaining the students as well as the parents.

The school provided Fee Concession  to all, for the Academic Year and much more for the eligible and needy, highlighting the motto of ‘ service to the community’

This school is strongly recommended for all the young aspiring parents. 

We are sure Swargarani  School family would definitely overcome the Pandemic related obstacles and move ahead further in flying colours. 
The academic year 2021-22 is a very special n great occasion.


Rich memories of a Quarter Century.
A meaningful n satisfying milestone marking your Vision, Mission, Commitment, and Achievements.
There's a Silver lining in the clouds above, and Silver is now the symbol of your Excellence.
Wishing Swargarani Management, Visitation sisters, Staff, Students and thousands of Alumni a Grand Year of colourful Celebrations.

 Shaji Jacob
Parent of Oliver ( Class IX )


Hemavathi M.R, Hindi lecturer


NAME: Hemavathi M.R
SUBJECT:  Hindi lecturer

Swargarani school is not just a learning place.It is a second home for both students and teachers.The homely environment of Swargarani school attracts thousands of students and parents . I, Hemavathi M.R, Hindi lecturer of Swargarani School and P U College joined the school in the year 2001. 20 years of service have flown very fast under the able guidance of five eminent dynamic Principals, supportive management and wonderful collegues .

In these 20 years as I have seen this school, it is not only famous for its academic excellence but sports and co-curricular activities too. In this journey I have seen our students successfully completing their academics and prepared for their future. The overall development given by the school empowers them to lead a value-based life.

Charity begins at home. Since our school is our second home it teaches us how to do the charity at school level and makes the students aware of their social responsibilities. Even Swargarani does a lot of charity work by giving free education to unprivileged students. The school management always stands with the parents and faculty even in the most difficult times like the pandemic.

As our Swargarani School motto says 'Lead Kindly Light’ the school is enlighting each and every student and they carry their candle of knowledge and values to enlighten the world. It makes me immensely proud to see our students in flying colours across the world.

Swargarani management's constant support, selfless service of pioneers like Sr.Immaculate and Sr. Anslem, extraordinary Principals like Sr.Soley, Sr.Innocent, Sr.Thomsin, Sr.Anjana, Sr.Ani and our present Principal Sr. Tania, dedicated staff has made Swargarani a very prestigious institution in Karnataka and Bangalore.

I am very proud to say that I am a  Ranian . This year 2021-22 Swargarani School and PU College is celebrating its Jubilee year. I wish and pray that this glory continues.


Wishes from Amulya Bhat


Amulya Bhat, 
Assistant cultural secretary,
Student of Swargarani School 


I am Amulya Bhat. I joined Swargarani school in 2008 as a pre schooler and it has been a marvellous journey of 13 amazing years.

Swargarani School has an excellent educational system and also astonishing extra curricular activities. From very supportive, extremely friendly, well qualified and dedicated teachers, Principal, management and very hardworking non teaching staff, Swargarani has it all. They understand us in all respects and guide us till the last moment.

I still remember the first day I went to Swargarani as a pre school student. From then, till date I enjoyed each and every day of schooling. It has a very good atmosphere that keeps students elated and joyous. I have completed my entire school life from pre nursery to 10th in Swargarani. 

My school provides enormous opportunities for the students' overall development in different fields like cultural activities, sports, speaking skills, quizzes, debates, declamations and many more to improve students skills and develop their talents. I am also a part of Scouting and Guiding. Swargarani has spread its wings far and wide. It has a very good name and has also won many prestigious awards with the help of its able teachers and ever supportive management.

Even during the pandemic year, at the time of lockdown teachers worked hard,  day and night, to provide us the best education. They conducted online classes for a year. Even though they were not tech savvy, they took it up as a challenge and they succeeded. They made presentations to help us understand better. They also conducted online examination which helped us to realise our mistakes. Even though it was hard for the teachers, they didn't even take a break and taught us every single day to make us understand the concepts better. 

My school teaches us valuable life lessons that are very essential to lead an upright life. It teaches us discipline, punctuality, honesty, compassion, charity, life skills and ethics. As a part of Scouting and Guiding, I have learnt to be thoughtful, resourceful, independent and helpful. My school has made me stronger, braver and a better human being. I have overcome stage fear because of the enormous opportunities I got in extra  curricular activities. 

I feel blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful school that has given me life long memories. I would like to thank my Principal Sr. Tania, Manager Sr. Immaculate, all my teachers, non teaching staff and the entire management for all the support. I would also like to thank my school for making me the best version of myself. 

As Swargarani School steps into its glorious Silver Jubilee year, I congratulate and wish every Ranian on this occasion. 

    Amulya Bhat
    Assistant cultural secretary
    Student of Swargarani School



CURRENTLY: A Student studying Year 1 in BA (HONS) at The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.
SUBJECT: International Communication Studies with Film and Television Studies.


One thing that kept me going in 2020 was revisiting my memories. Memories from school, and memories of school trips and classes and every bit of laughter, smiles and tears shared in between those rows and rows of experiences. Your school years are your golden years, in terms of the friendships you get to cultivate and nurture, the knowledge you get to absorb and the overall growth you get to experience and be an active part of, and Swargarani is truly the place where I made some of my best memories till date.

I started out as a tiny little kid in the 3rd grade at Swargarani, quite unsure of where my ambitions lay, with my arm in a cast and my parents carrying up my bag for me to my class because I couldn’t take the weight. After 7 years, when I graduated from Swargarani in the 10th grade, my time there and my experiences with my friends, my amazing teachers and the super encouraging staff had somehow helped me determine my dreams going forward, and made me ready to carry any sort of weight the world could throw at me.

Seven years...wow! When I was in school, seven years seemed like such a long time and I wanted to grow up and graduate!

 To a child, school life- with its innumerable amount of homework, repeated unit tests and exams and class tests (oh those pesky class tests, how I used to dread them!)- is cumbersome, just a stepping stone, nothing of importance particularly. But now, as an adult who will be leaving home- quite literally- to step out into the world, I want nothing more than to turn back time, go back to school and start afresh (maybe even take those tests again!) This is because Swargarani made those years memorable, enjoyable and filled them with so much of love that I can’t help but remember them fondly!

In morning assemblies where I half-paid attention to what was going on, and spent the other half talking and laughing with my friends,  Annual Days and Sports Days preceded by rehearsals in the sun and making fun and just having a gala time, Talents Days that started out as nervous and terrifying but were made bright because of friends’ teasing and teachers’ encouragement…If I begin to truly open up that big box of memories I have and look at each one of them one by one, we’ll never get to the end of it!

It’s been three years since I graduated, but even today, during every December, I think of the Christmas celebrations at school- dancing in the assembly, coming back a little upset because we were yet to write that one last Unit Test paper (always either Moral Science or GK, we used to hate it, but that was part of the experience too!) and then exchanging gifts under the LED lights, with chalkboard Santa Claus waving at us merrily and gobbling up the plum cake we used to get. These are the memories that will last you a lifetime, and give you nostalgia for maybe all your life, haha!

On the occasion of Swargarani’s Silver Jubilee, I will only say this- every single minute I spent at school- whether it was hanging out with friends in lunch break below the beautiful Gulmohar tree, or deriving inspiration and motivation to continue working hard from my teachers in the classroom-I cherish all of it.

As an alumnus of this wonderful school, I couldn’t be happier that Swargarani is already at a Silver Jubilee! I wish everyone at Swargarani School a wonderful time going forward, and hope to see many more such Jubilee celebrations!


Edwin, II PU Commerce (2020-21 batch)


Edwin, II PU Commerce
 (2020-21 batch) 

Hello Everyone,

As far as I am concerned, it was a long 10 years journey as a Ranian from my third grade. Swargarani is a school landmark that cannot be missed while travelling or walking around the campus. Her fame and excellence has augmented in leaps and bounds in past 10-15 years. For instance, show me a corner of the town she is situated and I will show you at least one successful Ranian.

Ever since I joined, she’s growing at a rapid pace. I witnessed many transformations- red playground was paved with tiles, incognito eyes were installed in every corner, i.e. mischiefs reduced to some extent, new buildings erected, new library, Cozy Cradle and still the list goes on.

Lunchtimes were really über cool. There has never been a single lunch in which I had only my lunch. It was always a melange of northern-southern delicacies. From sixth to twelfth grade, every students gathered in the ground. Maximum density observed under the trees - 5 persons per sq. metre. Tiles saved many from having ‘soil-rich’ food.

Though my participations in cultural events were very  infrequent, sports was the only field I could say as extra-curricular. The howls and shouts of ‘SATYA! JYOTHI! SHANTHI! SPOORTHI!’ still resonates in my ears; it could impulse the weakest runner too. 

Fun and jokes in class peppered my school life. Bearable mischiefs were very much occurring inside the classrooms and were hilariously accepted by teachers too. Teachers had truly been a source of perpetual motivation and support. They are really great architects- architects of students’ lives. Swargarani gave me innumerable opportunities to serve her and I could even be a prefect in Student Council Members for three consecutive years. 

I really miss all those golden days of my life very much. Proud to be a Ranian. Wish the time rewinds back!

     Edwin, II PU Commerce (2020-21 batch) 


Wishes from Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath

Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath
 Designation: Math Teacher 

 Hello Everyone,

 I am Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath. Swargarani School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bengaluru and I am very happy and  proud to say that I have been a part of it in its initial years.

I joined the school in 1998 and spent three of my most memorable years there. In fact, when I recall those years today, I still feel overjoyed!!!

In 1998, Swargarani School was a sapling - today it has grown to be a tree with its roots deep and wide.

It gives me great joy to see the school’s remarkable growth over the past two decades.

Sister Soli who was the Principal of the school then, was not only loving but also a mentor and guide.

I still remember vividly how Sister Soli, Sister Immaculate and all the other sisters treated all of us with love and affection and instilling a sense of order and discipline.

I came to know that the alumni of the school are doing well and are now in different parts of the world!!!

On this wonderful occasion of the Silver Jubilee Year I wish and pray to the Almighty that the School grows from strength to strength and continues to nurture the lives of its students, staff and the society.

Good luck!!!