Welcome to the official Swargarani Alumni. This is to bring together all Ranians, to converse and relish the good ol’ school days!
Swargarani is celebrating its 25th year anniversary in 2021 and the occasion surely calls for all its students to come together and be a part of the celebration. Let’s connect, talk, plan events and more for this!

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Wishes from Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath






Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath
 Designation: Math Teacher 

 Hello Everyone,

 I am Mrs. Rajeshwari Gurudath. Swargarani School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bengaluru and I am very happy and  proud to say that I have been a part of it in its initial years.

I joined the school in 1998 and spent three of my most memorable years there. In fact, when I recall those years today, I still feel overjoyed!!!

In 1998, Swargarani School was a sapling - today it has grown to be a tree with its roots deep and wide.

It gives me great joy to see the school’s remarkable growth over the past two decades.

Sister Soli who was the Principal of the school then, was not only loving but also a mentor and guide.

I still remember vividly how Sister Soli, Sister Immaculate and all the other sisters treated all of us with love and affection and instilling a sense of order and discipline.

I came to know that the alumni of the school are doing well and are now in different parts of the world!!!

On this wonderful occasion of the Silver Jubilee Year I wish and pray to the Almighty that the School grows from strength to strength and continues to nurture the lives of its students, staff and the society.

Good luck!!!



Edwin, II PU Commerce (2020-21 batch)








Edwin, II PU Commerce
 (2020-21 batch) 

Hello Everyone,

As far as I am concerned, it was a long 10 years journey as a Ranian from my third grade. Swargarani is a school landmark that cannot be missed while travelling or walking around the campus. Her fame and excellence has augmented in leaps and bounds in past 10-15 years. For instance, show me a corner of the town she is situated and I will show you at least one successful Ranian.

Ever since I joined, she’s growing at a rapid pace. I witnessed many transformations- red playground was paved with tiles, incognito eyes were installed in every corner, i.e. mischiefs reduced to some extent, new buildings erected, new library, Cozy Cradle and still the list goes on.

Lunchtimes were really über cool. There has never been a single lunch in which I had only my lunch. It was always a melange of northern-southern delicacies. From sixth to twelfth grade, every students gathered in the ground. Maximum density observed under the trees - 5 persons per sq. metre. Tiles saved many from having ‘soil-rich’ food.

Though my participations in cultural events were very  infrequent, sports was the only field I could say as extra-curricular. The howls and shouts of ‘SATYA! JYOTHI! SHANTHI! SPOORTHI!’ still resonates in my ears; it could impulse the weakest runner too. 

Fun and jokes in class peppered my school life. Bearable mischiefs were very much occurring inside the classrooms and were hilariously accepted by teachers too. Teachers had truly been a source of perpetual motivation and support. They are really great architects- architects of students’ lives. Swargarani gave me innumerable opportunities to serve her and I could even be a prefect in Student Council Members for three consecutive years. 

I really miss all those golden days of my life very much. Proud to be a Ranian. Wish the time rewinds back!

     Edwin, II PU Commerce (2020-21 batch) 






CURRENTLY: A Student studying Year 1 in BA (HONS) at The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.
SUBJECT: International Communication Studies with Film and Television Studies.


One thing that kept me going in 2020 was revisiting my memories. Memories from school, and memories of school trips and classes and every bit of laughter, smiles and tears shared in between those rows and rows of experiences. Your school years are your golden years, in terms of the friendships you get to cultivate and nurture, the knowledge you get to absorb and the overall growth you get to experience and be an active part of, and Swargarani is truly the place where I made some of my best memories till date.

I started out as a tiny little kid in the 3rd grade at Swargarani, quite unsure of where my ambitions lay, with my arm in a cast and my parents carrying up my bag for me to my class because I couldn’t take the weight. After 7 years, when I graduated from Swargarani in the 10th grade, my time there and my experiences with my friends, my amazing teachers and the super encouraging staff had somehow helped me determine my dreams going forward, and made me ready to carry any sort of weight the world could throw at me.

Seven! When I was in school, seven years seemed like such a long time and I wanted to grow up and graduate!

 To a child, school life- with its innumerable amount of homework, repeated unit tests and exams and class tests (oh those pesky class tests, how I used to dread them!)- is cumbersome, just a stepping stone, nothing of importance particularly. But now, as an adult who will be leaving home- quite literally- to step out into the world, I want nothing more than to turn back time, go back to school and start afresh (maybe even take those tests again!) This is because Swargarani made those years memorable, enjoyable and filled them with so much of love that I can’t help but remember them fondly!

In morning assemblies where I half-paid attention to what was going on, and spent the other half talking and laughing with my friends,  Annual Days and Sports Days preceded by rehearsals in the sun and making fun and just having a gala time, Talents Days that started out as nervous and terrifying but were made bright because of friends’ teasing and teachers’ encouragement…If I begin to truly open up that big box of memories I have and look at each one of them one by one, we’ll never get to the end of it!

It’s been three years since I graduated, but even today, during every December, I think of the Christmas celebrations at school- dancing in the assembly, coming back a little upset because we were yet to write that one last Unit Test paper (always either Moral Science or GK, we used to hate it, but that was part of the experience too!) and then exchanging gifts under the LED lights, with chalkboard Santa Claus waving at us merrily and gobbling up the plum cake we used to get. These are the memories that will last you a lifetime, and give you nostalgia for maybe all your life, haha!

On the occasion of Swargarani’s Silver Jubilee, I will only say this- every single minute I spent at school- whether it was hanging out with friends in lunch break below the beautiful Gulmohar tree, or deriving inspiration and motivation to continue working hard from my teachers in the classroom-I cherish all of it.

As an alumnus of this wonderful school, I couldn’t be happier that Swargarani is already at a Silver Jubilee! I wish everyone at Swargarani School a wonderful time going forward, and hope to see many more such Jubilee celebrations!