Information Technology

The school has a huge state of art computer lab that hosts about 35 machines. Each student gets two periods a week of hands on experience. The interest is caught on from as early as Class I and there is a structured ICSE pattern that is followed up to Class 10+2.

To make learning more comprehensive and interesting for the students, various audio-visual methods such as LCD projectors, Audio/Video CD-ROMs on education and leisure form an integral part of classroom teaching. The school uses professional multimedia software's to teach mathematics and science.    

The school has well-qualified and experienced staff to handle Computer Science classes at all levels. We aim at everyone being tech savvy in the campus and not only the computer teachers.    


The school facilitates students with an ardent library that has a host of books ranging from anything to everything for academic as well as leisure reading. Books range from titles fit for preschoolers to 18 year olds. Books collection from international authored books to comics on Indian and world culture, mythology, history are most popular with children. Every class has two library periods every week with the library having lots of room for reading in solitude. Teachers and students also use the library for reference for project work, maps and preparing other teaching aids. The library is constantly updated with the latest arrivals. Several educational CDs also find pride of place along with books in the school library. Students and teachers are free to take the books home for extended reading.


Personal care is ensured for each child. The all round development of each child is taken care through formal and informal learning indoor and outdoor activities like singing, dancing, recitation, sports and games.

A well-quipped separate classroom makes their life more interesting with fun in the kindergarten. Events like Teachers day, Talent's day, Sports day etc give opportunities to each child for participation that will display his/her talents.    

To be eligible to the kindergarten section of the school the child must be 2 years 10 months of age at the time of admission. 


The school includes a mini canteen that provides a child the freedom to indulge during breaks. A variety of nutritious and tasty snacks and savouries are served here. Not to forget the bounty of chocolates and ice creams those make way to any young heart. The mouth watering “Samosas” and “Cutlets” are a prime attraction with children.


 A healthy and competitive spirit, sports and games form an important part of our school curriculum. It aims at giving the students an alertness of mind, a sense of co-ordination and a disciplined character. The sports facilities include professional coaching in Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Table Tennis and carrom.

 Qualified staff is in-charge of games and physical education. Special arrangements are made to appoint coaches from outside occasionally.


The school is a result of the untiring efforts of its founders run by the Sisters of the Visitation Convent. The school follows a philosophy of selfless service. The Sisters of the Convent give themselves unsparingly and thereby play a key role in making dreams come true.